Alice au pays des micro-services

By Julien Giovaresco and Willy Malvault

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BRIDGE platform

Some figures

  • 250+ clients
  • 515k+ shops
  • 5M monthly unique visitors
  • 15M daily visited pages


  • July 2009
  • 1 GIT repository
  • 8 developers
  • 25,814 commits
  • 1,047 releases
why going micro service ?

Ready to trip down the rabbit hole ?

Alice tripping down the hole


Architecture & Design

bridge overview
bridge overview
bridge overview


« Go as micro as possible! »
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simple / modular / easy / tests / refacto
bridge overview
bridge overview
bridge overview
bridge overview
bridge overview

Want to Share some Library ?

(Authentication, DB, Access control, ...)
whoah no
Try to avoid! But if you do, do micro libraries and keep all your services up to date!

Promising evolutions

  • Setup an API gateway
  • Use a storage API

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Assembling blocks

Microservices caveats

  • Configuration on multiple spots
  • Deployment agility


  • Containers orchestrator
  • Started by Google
  • Run and manage containers
  • Provides container grouping, load balancing, auto-healing, scaling features

Our backbone

alice worship
  • Internal DNS
  • Centralized configuration
  • The Kubernetes way of managing outages
  • Easy-peasy deploy

How to deploy ?

  • Produce a big YAML
  • Give it to Kubernetes
eating alice

How to produce this yaml ?

  • Meta-project ensure consistency
  • Jenkins pipelines
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  • Weekly
  • More Jenkins pipelines
  • Our process
    • Update version in meta-project
    • Tests
    • Tag


Share data between services

Your services needs to share data

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The different path

alice choose path
  1. One single shared DB (strong coupling)
  2. Ask data when needed (slow read)
  3. Full data copy (NoSQL way : fast read)
data synchro hell
data synchro hell
data synchro hell
data synchro hell
data synchro hell
data synchro hell
data synchro hell
Data Synchro complexity grows along with service decentralization
gone mad

Further solutions


Few more advices

The caching misery

alice hiding
  • Inside K8S cluster
  • Outside K8S cluster
  • ?

You need development stacks

alice friends
  • Dedicate cluster
  • External services
  • Internal services

The big messaging bugs (meta-data mandatory)

alice maze
  • Monitoring
  • User
  • Correlation id
  • ...

Use explicit contract

alice hiding
  • Avro, Protobuf, ...
  • GraphQL

The slide to remember

  • We did it! So can you!
  • We don't regret it (for now)
  • Go as micro as you can
  • Use an orchestrator
  • Data distribution is more complex than you think!

Thank you!